Website AI Lead Generation Platform

Boost your lead generation strategy with our cutting-edge Website AI Lead Generation Platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, our platform analyzes user behavior, predicts preferences, and engages visitors strategically. Our AI-driven system transforms passive website visitors into high-quality leads. Experience the future of lead generation where automation meets personalization. 

We Offer An All-In-One Platform For Website Lead Generation, Sales & Marketing

If you choose a subscription to the all-in-one platform you can seamlessly integrate and automate all aspects of your website: create niche targeting, brand building, lead generation and marketing in one place.

Get access to reach, engage and communicate in multiple ways with prospects and nurture a cold lead into a paying customer using this platform.

  • There are many features in the platform, including sales funnels, web-building tools, SMS and phone calling capabilities, appointment booking, workflow management, pipeline management, contact management, email marketing, lead communication, and landing pages.
  • All features are accessible via TruWebsites™ dashboard. And you’ll have your own Saas account.
  • Businesses of all sizes can use this dashboard to improve workflow and drive growth.
  • With its intuitive user interface and customizable templates, it is so easy to get started.

Pricing For Our Website AI Lead Generation Platform

Get your website generating leads while you sleep...

You can automate all the things that you need to manage and grow your business so you can concentrate on what you do best. The All-In-One Platform can be added to any Website Package, but it is already included in the Expansion, Accelerated and Skyrocket –  Wesbite Creation & Optimization Bundles.

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Take your business growth to new heights with our Website AI Lead Generation Platform's unmatched efficiency and sophistication.

 Get access to these features to seamlessly run your business – we’ll setup everything you need. 

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